How do I print off and create the booklet?

How do I print a booklet on my printer?

  1. Download the PDF from the link
  2. Open the file on your computer
  3. Click on File > Print
  4. Print it double-sided on the short-edge

I’ve printed it, now what?

  1. Fold each page down the middle as they were printed
  2. Put all pages facedown and staple through all the pages (you’ll need a stapler that can staple 40+ sheets)
  3. Flip the book around and flatten the staples (I used a breadknife and covered them with tape so I wouldn’t catch my finger)
  4. Go through the booklet and tape the crease at the month and weeks. I also add tape on the binding in the middle of the book and on the spine for additional reinforcement.
  5. Put the book under something heavy for a few days (I used my encyclopedias)
  6. If the sides will bother you, cut the extra pages off that jut out at the guts. I’ve left some white space throughout the book so it won’t cut off anything important
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